My Sweet Lavender (2017) (en)

My Sweet Lavender 2017

My Sweet Lavender Download - Tells Laila, a 25-year-old woman to work as an insurance officer and is creating a name in the industry. He has a lover named Danish, son of Datuk Azman, a well-known corporate figure. Despite being in love with her, Danish is also linked to a businessman named Sara so far as to make Laila uncomfortable with this situation. Sara is good at picking up the Danish heart of a Danish mother named Datin Salmah. For Datin Salmah, Sara is the most suitable son-in-law even though her husband, Datuk Azman, doubts Sara's heartbeat. For Datuk Azman, Sara may have a bigger agenda and use Danish to achieve his dreams. Rumors of Sara and Danish tensions led to Laila feeling depressed. To get rid of stress, Laila wanted to find a momentary peace of duty for three days in Kuala Pilah. On the way there, Laila was involved in an accident and caused the death of a woman named Kalsom. This tragedy has changed her life. Two weeks passed and Laila realized with certainty he lost memory. When asked, he heard the voice of a man saying that his wife Laila and mother of three her children named Aishah, 17 years old, Muhammad 10 years old and Yusof 7 years old. What is Laila's reaction?
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