That's So Last Century (2015) (en)

That's So Last Century 2015

That's So Last Century Download - Celebrities to take a warm, funny look at gadgets, gizmos and games of childhood and Christmases past. 'That's So Last Century' is an entertaining three-part series in which celebrity parents and their kids will dig deep into the not-so-ancient world of the late 20th Century to uncover the technologies, objects and pop culture artefacts that time has forgot. We'll bring together these lost relics in front of the parents (who'll remember them) and their kids (who most probably won't) to see how they react. A new take on the archive show, they'll not only watch clips of these now hilariously outdated objects, but they'll get their hands on them too. With each episode covering a different category of 20th century life, how will they fare when getting to grips with a fax machine, playing the original black and white Nintendo Game Boy, sporting a Global HyperColour t-shirt or recording a programme on VHS? That's So Last Century is an intelligent celebration of how the speed of technological and cultural changes has, in just a few years, made objects, TV shows and gadgets bizarre and unrecognisable to kids today.
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