Old lover (2021) (en)

Old lover 2021
  • Original title: ស្នេហ៍វ័យចំណាស់
  • Evaluation: 0 (Votes: 0)
  • Release date 2021-03-24 (2021)
  • Producer: Khmerzoon

Old lover Download - May-December True love is born before Aunt Orn, 52 years old, was dumped because of her old age. But not giving up, going to rely on the lancet, transforming into a "Sisorn", tight like 25 Sisorn's new life. I had to tremble because I fell in love with Tam. young ping-pong player who just got caught Because of being poisoned by his elder brother, Doctor Ta, even though Ta would love the patient more and more. But there is a problem with gambling and wanting to earn money to pay debts to the family. Become a snake eating its tail to get involved with the Korean mafia until Mint, a medical student who wants to be promoted from a student to a lover. whether he is a villain or a lover Danai, Sisorn's ex-lover. Turns his life from the president of the Ping Pong Association to be furious like a warhorse to prove himself to May. Hundreds of trickster students That he's not an old cow,
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