obsessed with the scent of sandalwood (2021) (en)

obsessed with the scent of sandalwood 2021
  • Original title: ក្រអូបស្នេហ៍វង្វេងចិត្ត
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  • Release date 2021-06-27 (2021)

obsessed with the scent of sandalwood Download - The first case was the death of Mr Phat. The victim was in the nude. The genitals were severed and there was a 'Sandalwood Flower' in the corpse's mouth! Villagers rumored that Phat's death was similar to Inspector Niti, the inspector responsible for the case, Sirinya or Chan, a beautiful woman who was raped and killed in the forest behind the temple. Wanrak takes responsibility for the case The assistant was Trichai, a young lieutenant Oppa who had just moved recently. Wanrak's operation was blocked by Director Pana, but Wanrak did not give up. She went to ask for the body information from Patapee, a handsome young forensic doctor at the hospital. But the country said that this place is not suitable for Wan Rak. Which way to go, go that way Is there someone like Wan Rak who will accept it? Just a dog doctor There was no easy way to let her go.
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