Synopsis of the drama Sunset (2021) (en)

Synopsis of the drama Sunset 2021
  • Original title: ថ្ងៃរះបំភ្លេចស្នេហ៍
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  • Release date 2021-07-19 (2021)

Synopsis of the drama Sunset Download - Sorawan (Ohm Atcha) is a young man from a poor family. ambitious but with being a wise man humble and know how to approach adults plus the ability to work Makes him bring himself to climb up as the secretary of Wes (Willie McIntosh), director of the organization. At less than 30 years old, Sorawan is dedicated to making Wet both love and trust him, including Wet's beautiful wife, Withu (Yui Jeeranan). that gives close acquaintance with Sorawan like being in the family Both Withu and Sorawan were zealous and confident in Wet's prestige power. that will push her and his life to higher heights
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